Email: Restricted or Blocked File Types for Email Attachments

The following file types are blocked from being sent as email attachments:

ce, ani, app, docm, exe, jar, reg, scr, be, vbs, hlp, lnk, js, vb, shb, pif, hta, cmd, bat, com, rar, wsh, wsf, wsc, url, shs, sct, pcd, mst, msp, msi, msc, mdz, mde, mdb, mda, jse, Isp, Ins, crt, cpl, chm, bas, adp ,ade

If your attachment is blocked because of file type, you have three options:

  • Use our Vault appliance that is designed for sending large or blocked attachments.
  • Share the file through OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Alternative methods include secure network shares, websites, ftp sites, and physical media, such as CDs or USB drives.
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