Duo 2FA: Authenticate Using UT Two-Factor

Campus Specific Support:

  • UTK, UTSA, IPS, UTIA, and UTSI - OIT HelpDesk (865) 974-9900
  • UTC - UTC HelpDesk (423) 425-4000
  • UTHSC - UTHSC HelpDesk (901) 448-2222
  • UTM - UTM HelpDesk (731) 881-7900

Authentication Steps

Below are the general authentication steps used for UT systems that do not authenticate through the Central Authentication Service (CAS).
The steps may vary slightly depending on the application or operating system being used.

  1. In the app you are accessing, when prompted, enter your full UT email address as the username. Click Sign In.
    • Students: netid@vols.utk.edu
    • Faculty/Staff: netid@utk.edu
  2. On the UT sign-in screen that appears, enter your full email address once more. Click Next.
  3. Enter your NetID password. Click 'Sign In.'
  4. Select the desired second-factor authentication method.
    *The 'authentication methods' displayed will vary based on the devices configured to your Duo account.

    • 'Send Me a Push.' On your mobile device, respond to the push notification via the Duo app or the alert displayed on the device. Push Notification

      Duo App Approve/Deny Response
    • 'Enter a Passcode'
      1. Hardware Token
        1. Click 'Enter a Passcode.'
        2. Locate your hardware token and press the button.
        3. Enter the 6 digit code into the box displayed on the Duo login screen.
      2. Smartphone App
        1. Click 'Enter a Passcode.'
        2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your device, tap Show, and enter the passcode.
        3. Enter the 6 digit code into the box displayed on the Duo login screen.
  5. 'Accept' or 'Allow' any requested permissions.
    (May not appear if no permissions are needed by the app you are accessing.)
  6. Return to the app you are configuring if you are not automatically redirected.
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Duo Two-Factor Authentication