PowerPoint: Video Not Playing Correctly

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In Presenter View:

In PowerPoint 2016, 2019, and Office 365 on the PC and on the Mac, by default, when you go to present your PowerPoint, the software will enter "Presenter View." This will automatically extend your desktop without telling you. Presenter view can be helpful because it gives the instructor a view of the current slide, a preview of the next slide, and the ability to read notes associated with the slides. If you wish to use Presenter View, be aware that this does make video playback a little clunky.

On Windows Laptops:

  • Embedded videos on Windows will need to be clicked by moving your mouse over to the projector and clicking on the play button there. If you click the play button on your Presenter View, you will just advance the slide.
  • Links work fine, just beware that you will need to drag the browser window over to the projector screen for the class to see it. Normally, this means dragging the window to the right.

On MacBooks:

  • Note: Embedded videos will not necessarily work on Macs. Try clicking on the embed from the projector. Be aware that there are some versions of PowerPoint on Mac that need an add-on to embed videos.
  • Links work best for playing videos on Macs. You may need to bring the window over to the projector screen by dragging it to the right.

Turning Off Presenter View:

If you use videos often, you may want to consider not using Presenter View and simply having your computer mirror the image from your computer to the projector. You can do this by turning off Presenter View.

On a Windows PC, when presenting:

  • Select Display Settings
  • Select Duplicate Slide Show

On a MacBook, when presenting:

  • Select: Use Slide Show


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