What is PowerPoint Live?

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PowerPoint Live is a new feature available in PowerPoint for the web. Access PowerPoint for the web at office365.utk.edu. The PowerPoint Live experience can assist presenters in making their presentations engaging and inclusive. Everyone in the audience/class (in person or online environments) can connect from their device (laptop, tablet, or phone) where they can follow along with the presentation. They can move back through the slides to review information at their own pace without impacting the presenter. Two other features in PowerPoint Live are live reactions and live subtitles. The live reactions allow the audience to provide instant feedback through emojis that will pop up on screen during the presentation. The live subtitles allow each participant to choose their preferred language for subtitles.

To get started with PowerPoint Live:

  1. Open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge are recommended).
  2. Go to https://office365.utk.edu.
  3. Login with your UT email address and password.
  4. Select the PowerPoint app.
  5. Choose which PowerPoint you would like to use.
  6. Select the Slide Show tab.

  1. Select the down arrow next to Present Live to choose if you want Only people in your organization (this will require everyone to authenticate with their UT NetID and password) or if you want Anyone to see the presentation.

  1. Select Present Live and your presentation will start.
  2. Have your audience scan the QR code (the standard camera apps on all phones now read QR codes) or you can share the web address in the upper-right hand of the screen.

  1. Present as normal. Your audience will see the slides and subtitles on their devices.


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