Travel: Deleting an Expense Item or Expense Report

Deleting an Expense Item from a Report
Expenses that have been added to an expense report in error can be deleted by selecting the expense from the open report by selecting the check box and clicking the Delete button. Multiple expense items can be selected. Out-of-pocket expenses will be completely deleted and any attachment materials moving to the Available Receipts area. Travel Card expenses will not be deleted but moved back into the Available Expenses area and any attached material moving to the Available Receipts area. If the receipt is deleted from the expense item or from Available Receipts, it cannot be recovered and will need to be uploaded again.

 image of two selected expense items with an arrow indicating the delete button 

Deleting Entries Under Available Expenses
Travel card transactions cannot be deleted from the traveler's account and must be reconciled by submitting an expense report, including charges that are offset. However, pending travel card transactions and out-of-pocket items may be deleted.

NOTE: Verify that the pending travel card transaction is no longer needed as the initial step of Concur's automated matching process for pending (reservations/itinerary or bank hold) to be paired with the final transaction posting. If pending transactions are not automatically matched, contact the Travel Support Team at

Deleting an Expense Report
An expense report can be deleted if it has not yet been approved and paid. If it has been submitted and is in the approval path, it must first be recalled before it can be deleted.  To delete the expense report, open the report and click the trash can to the right of the expense report name.

 image of an expense report with an arrow indicating the delete icon 

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