Clickers: Creating an Echo360 PointSolutions Account without a Canvas Course Navigation Link (Students)



If your instructor has indicated you will be using PointSolutions in your course but has NOT added the PointSolutions (Clickers) link in the course navigation, please follow ALL of the instructions below for creating an account. If your course DOES have a PointSolutions (Clickers) link in the course navigation menu, please follow the instructions located here: Clickers: Creating an Echo360 PointSolutions Account (Students)

All participants using PointSolutions must use the format when creating accounts and logging in to a polling session. This will ensure the participant is connected to the correct profile and session data is saved correctly.

If you have any questions or problems in creating the account, please submit an OIT HelpDesk support ticket.


*You should only need to walk through these steps once regardless of the number of courses using PointSolutions.




If PointSolutions (Clickers) is not available in your course navigation

1. Go to PointSolutions Sign In

2. Select Get Started Here.

Echopoll Sign In with Get Started Here link indicated.

3. Enter your email in the entry box (enter your NetID followed by

4. Select Next.

5. Authenticate using your UTK NetID and password.

6. You will be taken to a page containing the New User registration form.

7. Verify that Participant is selected.

8. Check the box to agree to “I accept the Echo360 Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.”

9. Select Continue.

New User Registration Form. Checkbox for Terms and Condition indicated. Continue button indicated.


10. Select Let’s Get Started.

PointSolutions Welcome page. Let's Get Started indicated.


11. Verify you have a subscription - don't worry about the expiration date and choose Next in the lower right corner.

PointSolutions Subscription page. Next is indicated.

12. Enter your mobile information. If you have a physical clicker, enter that information as well. It is possible to have both a physical clicker and mobile ID associated with your account. Then select Next.

  • If you are using a physical clicker, enter the 6-digit Clicker Device ID printed on the back of your device.

***Note: The letters are A – F and the numbers are 0 (zero) – 9.

  • If you are only using a mobile device, your Mobile ID will automatically be generated once you download and log in via the PointSolutions app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

PointSolutions Response Device page. Clicker and mobile device options indicated. Next is also indicated.

13. Under the Cart section, confirm your account is connected to Canvas.

14. If Canvas is connected, select Next. Select this link to continue to step 15. If Canvas is NOT connected, select this link to connect your PointSolutions Profile to Canvas.

PointSoluitons LMS page with Canvas Connected. Next is indicated.

**If Canvas is not connected:

a. Select Connect.

PointSolutions LMS page without Canvas connection. Connect is indicated.

b. Select the Authorize button.

PointSolutions Canvas Authorization display. Authorize is indicated.

c. Verify you see the message you have successfully connected to your LMS and that you have a green check mark with Canvas.

d. Select Next.

PointSolutions LMS page with Canvas Connection indicated. Next is also indicated.


15. Enter your NetID (this is the first part of your email –

16. Select Add to Account.

17. Select Next.

PointSolutions UTKNetID page. Add to Account and Next indicated.


18. Select Finish.

PointSolutions Help Videos page. Finish is indicated.


19. You are now ready to participate in a polling session by entering the Session ID (provided by your instructor) in your mobile app or from your laptop web browser by going to or by selecting the PointSolutions (Clicker) link in your course's navigation menu (if enabled by your instructor).

PointSolutions Participant page. Enter a Session ID into entry box and select Join Session.





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