Chatting with Smokey the OIT Chatbot


The Smokey chatbot virtual assistant that lives on the OIT Service Portal is here to help you find answers to your UT technology questions. The Smokey who lives on this page strictly focuses on brushing up on his IT skills, so he doesn't know everything about the University or other UT departments. Smokey is powered by artificial intelligence that determines the best answers. The more questions he's asked, the more his knowledge will grow. Since he's still young, we may not be able to answer every IT question he gets, but he'll get smarter over time. 

Tips for searching effectively

  • Don't talk to him like you would Google
  • Write more than one word and use full sentences
  • Spelling counts
  • Ask just one question at a time, breaking multiple issues into separate questions

Good examples

how do i change my password

how do i log into Zoom

how do i set up Gmail on my iPhone

Poor examples


Too general for Kaybee to answer well

how do i register for classes

Not related to technology, this is a One Stop question.

how do I set up my email on my phone and log into Canvas

Two different technology services requested in one message

Talking to Smokey

  1. Click the chat icon near the bottom of the OIT Service Portal page.
  2. Start talking to Smokey following the tips we recommended above.
  3. If Smokey didn't answer your question accurately or at all, you'll be presented with the option to provide feedback (see below) and create a ticket. The HelpDesk will research your question and respond via email.
  4. To restart or clear your conversation, click the three dots near the top of Smokey's screen and make your choice.

Provide feedback

To give feedback on a response Smokey gives, click either the smile or frown icon to indicate whether the response was helpful.

If you'd like to provide additional feedback on your interaction with Kaybee the Chatbot, when your chat is complete, click the X in the top right corner of the window. This will give you the option to rate the quality of your interaction as well as request a copy of your chat transcript. 


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