Stata: Install Add-on Packages for Stata on Apps@UTK

Install Contributed Commands (ado-files) for Stata on Apps@UTK

  1. Navigate to the “Windows Explorer” app on the app server. Use it to open your – “Documents” folder in your t-storage on the server's H drive.
  2. Within your “Documents” folder, create a folder named “Stata”.
  3. Within that Stata folder, create another folder named "ado".
  4. Within that ado folder, create another folder named "plus".
  5. Set the directory for ado files on the H drive with the command:
    sysdir set PLUS "\\\home\your_netid\ Documents\Stata\ado\plus"
    Note that PLUS (the third word above) must be all upper case in this command!
  6. If the command you need is stored in the Boston College Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive, you can install the add-on you need using:
    ssc install Your_Package_Name, replace
  7. If the command you need is stored in the Stata Journal archive, you will need to know the issue that contains its article. Then enter the following command and follow the directions:
    help sj
  8. Once your add-on is installed, place your data file in the Stata folder and refer to it as:
    use "\\\home\your_netid\ Documents\Stata\Your_Data.dta"
    Your data file must be saved to the Stata folder you created on the H drive for this command to work.
  9. From now on, all programs that require this add-on pack must begin with the command:
    sysdir set PLUS "\\\home\your_netid\ Documents\Stata\ado\plus".
  10. The official reference to this topic in the Stata manual is here:


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