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What is Akindi?

Akindi is a cloud-based exam scoring system that is based on the use of the document scanning capability built into many modern photocopy machines.

How do I start Akindi?

Akindi is accessed from inside the Canvas home page for your class. The ‘Launch Akindi’ link is in the list on the left side of the screen

How does Akindi differ from Scantron?

Akindi answer sheets are printed on any laser printer. The instructor may print the sheets for distribution to the students or Akindi can mail a pdf answer sheet to each student so they can print their own. Akindi can pre-populate the student name and id number fields on the forms. Akindi allows for multiple correct answers per question and differential weighting of questions.

Since Akindi answer keys and student sheets are revisable online, there’s no need to rescan if you change the key. If you administer multiple versions of an exam, Akindi forms ask the students which form of the exam they’re taking, then it sorts the students by version electronically; there’s no need to hand sort and scan separately.

How do I get help using Akindi?

A chat window to Akindi technical support is available on every page of the Akindi website.

What ID number should my students use with Akindi forms?

They should use the TN-ID that they can get from their MyUTK account. Remember, Akindi can pre-load student names and id from Canvas onto answer sheets before printing.

What should I do if my students used the wrong ID number on Akindi forms?

After the completed exams are scanned and uploaded to Akindi the instructor can make corrections to any field by going to the Results - View results – Responses page and double-clicking on the id number (or name or test version or whatever you need to correct) and making the change. If you have problems doing this, get help in the online chat window.


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