Troubleshooting Problems with IRIS Web and Outside Interest Disclosure



The IRIS Web portal and applications can experience various browser-related issues. Below are some troubleshooting steps for a few of the known issues.


"Shibboleth Identity Provider - Error"

This error may occur with a Bookmarked CAS link. You may right-click the bookmark, select "edit," and update the URL with:

Shibboleth Error

Error text:
Sorry, it looks like there is a problem finding your session. This can happen when you waited too long on the login page, or if you were redirected to a different server that issued the original request. This error usually goes away if you try accessing your desired application again."

HTTP 500 Error

SAP does not support the Chrome browser on macOS 11 (Big Sur) at this time. You must use Safari or Firefox for Mac.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Session Expired

If you log into the iris web portal and are inactive for a period of time, your login session will expire. The behavior you will experience is that the next time you try to click on a link to approve an OID form, you will have to log in again. 

Default Browser

Your default web browser may not be the browser you routinely use. For example, if you log in to the IRIS web portal to launch the windows GUI via chrome, and then click on a link to approve the OID, your default browser may be set to Microsoft Edge. In that case, you will have to log in again to that browser.


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