Public Linux Environment World Writable Files

When using the Public Linux Environment, it is important to refrain from creating "World Writable" files and directories. To help keep our environment secure, OIT will be scanning for "World Writable" files and directories and will disable "World Writable" access on files and directories that are found.

Permissions on your files and folders could be 755, 775, or 774. But never 777, 772, or 776. 

You can control permissions to your files and directories with your file transfer client (SFTP, Filezilla, WinSCP, etc.) or at the command line on / In many popular SFTP clients, there is a menu under "Properties," which will provide the option to control "Permissions." Do not give the "Others" category "Write" permission. Soft links should remain 777.

Contact the OIT HelpDesk should you need assistance. If you experience trouble with your website accessing a file/directory, contact OIT for a solution instead of making the file/directory "World Writable."


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