Microsoft Teams: Creating Channels


A Channel is a focused conversation in MS Teams. You can have members of the same Team in a channel, have a private channel with only certain people in the Team, or even add people outside of your Team to channels for special conversations. Use these channels to store files and have conversations associated with specific topics. If you have a Team for a class, think about using channels for lab groups or group projects. If you have a Team for staff, think about using channels to discuss projects, budgets, marketing, training, etc. 


Creating a Channel 

  1. tap ellipsis and then add channelOnce inside your Team take note of the white column just below your team name. This is where you will find the different channels that you’ve created for your Team. The default channel is General.
  2. To add a channel, select the ellipses  …  menu to the right of your Team name, then select Add Channel 
  3. Enter the name and a description of the new channel in the box that opens 
  4. Click Add 
  5. Your new channel is now listed inside your team. name a channel and tap add



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