Re-name a Chat in Microsoft Teams

If you have a lot of different chats with combinations of different people in MS Teams, it can get confusing as to what the combinations tend to chat about. Sally, Jack, and Bob might chat about marketing, while Bob, Jill, and Ted might chat about student supervision. You can re-name your chats to show the topics, rather than the members. For example, the chat with Sally, Jack, and Bob can be re-named to “Marketing Ideas.” 

To re-name a chat: 

  1. In the Chat section of MS Teams, select the chat you want to re-name. 
  2. At the top of the screen, next to the names of the members of that chat, you’ll see a pencil. 
  3. Select the Pencil icon and enter in the new name for the chat. 

Note: this will re-name the chat for everyone in the chat. Don’t pick something embarrassing! 

Note: Only chats with at least three members can be re-named. Chats between you and one other person are not able to be re-named.


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Tue 11/24/20 3:36 PM
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