Library Database Access


UT Libraries provides access to a variety of academic databases. The majority of the databases require a UT IP address to permit access. The library uses a proxy server that enables access to the databases from off-campus after the patron authenticates with a valid NetID and password. Due to this setup, we encounter occasional access issues.

Access Issues

Direct Database Links

  • Direct database links will work if a permalink is used from OneSearch or our Database A-Z page, as these have our proxy server information built in.  If you use the appropriate permalinks, you will not encounter an issue.  More information is on the Library's website:

Accessing Databases Remotely

  • Off-campus/remote database access is available only by visiting the library website and signing in before navigating to the database. The library website passes the request through a proxy server that allows access to the database from an off-campus network.

Getting Help

For assistance, please email the UT Knoxville Libraries support team at


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