Clickers: Adding a Canvas Course to PointSolutions


How to connect a Canvas class to PointSolutions for grade purposes and data.


In order to upload grades, you must connect your Canvas course to PointSolutions. This will also allow you to gather polling data for a class.

You must authenticate your Echo360 account during the account creation process before you will see any courses under the Canvas tab in your PointSolutions courses dashboard. After you have established this connection, courses will be synced automatically.

Adding a Canvas Course to your PointSolutions Courses Dashboard

  1. Go to and Sign In to your account. You'll automatically be directed to the Active Courses dashboard.
  2. From the Canvas tab, click Add on any course you want to use with Turning Technologies.

  3. The course will then move to your Active Courses tab.


This 1-minute video will show you how to add your published Canvas course to your PointSolutions Dashboard.



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