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How to find out what your NetID is and when you will get it.


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Your NetID is the username associated with your accounts for the University of Tennessee. It also makes up the first part of your University email addresses,,, and


If you have been admitted follow these instructions:

  • Undergraduate Students
    Log in to the Go Vols Portal website.  Your NetID will be assigned and available once Admissions has updated your record. If you have trouble logging in to VIP, please contact One Stop for assistance.
    *Note: It make take a few days for your NetID to appear in the VIP portal once you’ve been admitted.

  • Graduate Students
    Log in to the Graduate Admissions Portal1 and click View Update. If your NetID has been assigned, it will appear at the top of the letter from the Dean of the Graduate School under your Student ID #.2 If your Student ID # and NetID do not appear, check back the next day. It may take several days for your NetID to appear in the portal. 


The department must process paperwork and submit it to Payroll for new faculty/staff to be added through the normal processes. Departments are encouraged to enter the employee as a Pending Employee to ensure they are in the system before they begin work. 

If you do not know your NetID, you can find it by searching for yourself using the UT Online Directory at Your NetID will be listed in the upper right-hand corner of your directory entry, along with your preferred UT email address. If you do not find your NetID in the directory, reach out to your department to verify you have been added to IRIS. NetID's are created one business day after being entered into IRIS.

Some faculty/staff members also asked to be suppressed in the directory. If you have asked to be suppressed, you will be unable to find your name by doing a directory search.  Please contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900 for further assistance.

Can a contract worker or someone who is doing work for the University but who is not on the University payroll get a NetID?

Persons who are working for the University but who are not on the University payroll (e.g., researchers, contract workers, visiting/adjunct faculty) can get NetID, VPN, and network access by having their department fill out a Sponsor a Person for OIT Services request.

These users will be assigned a NetID, will be entered as a member, and assigned a left UTK date.  At the end of the fiscal year (June), if the user still needs access to UT resources, then their department must submit a Sponsor a Person for OIT Services request for the new fiscal year.

Requests must be approved by a Dean, Director, or Department Head before they will be processed.

Please note that an email account, IRIS/SAP access, etc. ARE NOT automatically created during this process and must be explicitly requested.

First-Time Password Setup

First-time users can set up their NetID/UT Email/Active Directory password online.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your NetID on the first page and select Continue. This is the first part of your UT email address.
  3. Enter an acceptable ID Number (see below) and your birth date, then select Continue.
    • *Your UT ID Number can be one of 3 numbers.  Any of these numbers should work to use this tool.  The numbers are (1) your Student ID Number, which begins with a 000, (2) your Employee ID number, i.e., 123456, or (3) the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  4. You will be prompted to set up 3 security questions. You will be asked to answer these questions and verify the answers.
  5. Last, you will be prompted for a new password. Create a new password that follows the security requirements.
  6. Your new password will take up to 15 minutes to take effect.

OIT recommends that you set up Duo two-factor authentication from your laptop or desktop computer (not a mobile device or phone) when you are prompted. During this process, you will need to have your smartphone available to set up Duo Mobile on your phone.



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If you do not know your current password or have never set a password, you can reset it online.