How Do I Perform a Degree Audit?


The Degree Audit link of Degree Audit allows advisors to evaluate a student’s transcript against the audit program(s) assigned to the student in CAMS Enterprise.
Follow the steps below to perform a degree audit on a student.

1. In the CAMS Faculty Portal, Click on My Students.


2. Click Select on the desired student from the Advisee List or one of your courses for the current term displayed in the upper left corner of the Faculty Portal.


3. Click Degree Audit.


4. The Student Audit information is displayed. Click Detail to open the degree audit program for which the student is evaluated against.

*Note: An asterisk in the Report column, next to the word Detail denotes that the student’s degree audit must be updated before it displays. This can take several minutes. The update flag is set any time there is a change to the student’s transcript maintenance, such as when the student registers for a class or receives a grade. Since Degree Audit considers all changes to a student’s official courses (even courses not applied to the audit, which would be in an elective group), any change in a student’s official courses will cause the audit to require re-evaluation.


5. The Student Audit details are displayed. The Grade Met By column displays the actual courses that satisfied the requirement. These could be the same course, a transfer course, an equivalent course, or a mapped course. If there are options in how the student can take the listed classes a Formula link displays.


6. Click the Formula link to see the options.




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