IRIS: Using ZPPOSITION000 - Position Create/Change Form


Use this procedure to request a change to an existing position in the Human Resources organizational structure of IRIS. Some examples of when to perform this procedure include when:

• A non-exempt position switches between payroll areas, i.e. between the biweekly and monthly payroll. This document demonstrates this type of change. In this example, the payroll area must be changed along with the work schedule and the wage type

 • A position changes from term (T) to regular (R) after the period for which an employee may remain a term employee expires.

• A change is needed in the position title.

• A position is affected by a job reclassification due to a change in job code, pay grade, or PDQ.

• A position is involved in a re-organization, e.g. the position is moving to a different department or the department is assigned to a different cost center.

• A position becomes obsolete. 

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