Travel: Fraudulent and Disputed Travel Card Charges


Addressing Fraudulent Travel Card Transactions
When a fraudulent transaction occurs on a travel card -  a charge the cardholder did not make - the cardholder should immediately contact the card-issuing bank at 1-888-449-2273. The cardholder must also notify the AP Card Administration team at, including the last four digits of your card, the amount of the charge, the vendor’s name or complete and attached the Lost/Stolen/Compromised Card Notification form. This notification process can also apply to lost or stolen travel cards. Once received, the AP Card Administration team will contact the cardholder to determine if the card should be replaced.

Disputing Travel Card Transactions
When disputing a charge on a travel card charge, the cardholder should work with the vendor to try to get the issue resolved. If the vendor will not correct the charge, then the cardholder should contact the issuing bank using the Statement of Disputed Item form.  After the bank has been notified, the bank will issue a provisional credit for the charge. 

Some examples of the types of charges that should be disputed are:

  • The incorrect amount was charged to a travel card and the vendor refuses to issue the credit or correct the amount
  • A trip was canceled and the vendor refuses to issue the credit

NOTE: There is a 60-day window to dispute the charge on the card. 

Reconciling Fraudulent or Disputed Travel Card Transactions
When reconciling a travel card charge that has been disputed, a separate expense report should be created with the business purpose “Fraudulent/Disputed Charge”.  The expense type for the charge must also be “Fraudulent/Disputed Charge”.

Screen Shot of Fraudent/Disputed Charges

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact For questions concerning the travel card program, contact the AP Card Administrators office at 865-974-2302 or



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