Travel: Setting or Updating a Direct Manager


A direct manager is a person’s supervisor in the IRIS HR Organization Chart. All University employees should have a direct manager specified. The direct manager role is used in the University’s travel System, Concur, approval path in the following situations:

  • For a request and an expense report approval when the cost object approver is the traveler
  • For an expense report when it is submitted over 90 days since the end of the trip date

When a cost object approver is the traveler and they do not have a direct manager, the request or expense report will auto-approve (as long as there are no special conditions, such as it is international travel). University policy dictates that no employee approve their own expenses; therefore, every cost object approver must have a direct manager.

A direct manager receives email notifications in the following situations:

  • 30 days after a travel card charge, if it is not assigned to an expense report
  • 30 days after the end of a trip, if the expense report has not been filed
  • 28 days after the end of a trip, if a cash advance has not been expensed

There are two methods by which a direct manager can be assigned.

Org Chart Manager
The recommended method is to use the University Organizational Chart application.  Using this application simplifies the approval for changes.  The change can be made by a supervisor for people reporting to them (directly or indirectly) or a proxy set up for that supervisor who can make changes to everyone reporting to that supervisor.  Each campus/unit’s HR Officers have proxy rights for the entire campus/unit.

See the “ORG CHART MANAGER“ help documentation for this application or contact 865-974-9900 for assistance.

Position Create/Change eForm in IRIS
Transaction ZPPOSITION000 (menu path:  Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> Administration -> HR Master Data).  The eForm follows the full HR approval path for positions.

See the “Position Create/Change eForm“ help documentation for this application.​​​​​

screen print of position request


If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact



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