Zoom: Share Screen Annotation Tools


During a Share Screen session, a variety of annotation tools are available for use. Leaders (hosts) and participants of meetings may use the Share Screen and Annotation tools. However, the leader of the meeting may lock the Share Screen tool and deactivate annotation permissions for participants.

To view the annotation tools during a Share Screen, move the mouse to the top of the meeting interface and select Annotate on the toolbar. Or, on the bottom-left of the Zoom content window, find the Annotate icon, which is shaped like a pen.

An example of the Annotate icon within the Zoom content window.

Available Annotation Tools:

  • Select - Choose this icon to return to mouse functions.
  • Text - Select Text to add text content to the whiteboard.
  • Draw - Choose Draw to draw a line on the whiteboard.
  • Stamp - Select this icon to choose from a variety of stamps to add emphasis to an item.
  • Spotlight - Choose Spotlight to add a vanishing pen comment (appears for a few seconds and then disappears) or to add emphasis with mouse selects.
  • Eraser - Select this icon to individually erase mark-ups.
  • Format - Choose the color and options of line drawings.
  • Undo - Undo the previous action.
  • Redo - Redo the precious action.
  • Clear - Clear all mark-ups from the whiteboard.
  • Save - Save the whiteboard as a .png or .pdf file





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