How to verify who has completed their Annual Compliance Training


This article details how staff and faculty members can check to see who has completed their mandatory training.



The university has several types of required training for employees, including the Clery Act, Code of Conduct, FERPA, Security Awareness Training, Title VI, and Title IX.  Keeping up with who has or has not completed the mandatory training can be a challenge.  Authorized IRIS users have access to a report for managing the completion of your employees' progress.


To verify who in your unit has or has not completed their Annual Compliance Training for this year, log in to IRIS and use the following information to run the report:

  • IRIS Report: ZHR_QUALCOMP_REP - Qualification Deficit Report
  • Qualification Codes:
    • Code of Conduct - 50273438
    • Title IX Mandatory Training - 50275035
    • FERPA Training - 50336687
    • IT Security Awareness Training - 50273441
    • Title VI Training - 50348023
  • Compliance As Of Date: 12/31/<current year>
  • Select your organization unit as appropriate

Please refer to this IRIS Help document with step-by-step instructions for running this IRIS report, and contact the IRIS HelpDesk at with your questions related to the IRIS report. 

If you have any questions about the annual training, please visit

Note: The ZHR_QUALCOMP_REP - Qualification Deficit Report listed above will provide information related to “Regular” and graduate student employee course completions for your organization unit. If needed, the ZS_PH9_46000431 – Employee Attendance List may be used to report on “Temp” employee course completions. This IRIS Help document provides additional information about this report.



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