Canvas: Combine/Merge Course Sites


How to cross-list Canvas courses.



Combining course sites in Online@UT (Canvas) is known as cross-listing.

Cross-List BEFORE YOU PUBLISH YOUR COURSES. Once the semester begins, if students have activity in a section (grades, discussions, assignments, quizzes) and you move a section under a parent section, you will NOT be able to see the students’ previous activity which took place in the cross-listed child section. NOTE: Do not cross-list your courses mid-semester.

Before you can cross-list your Online@UT (Canvas) course sites, please read through these prerequisites:

  • You must be enrolled as a Primary Instructor in each section that you would like to cross-list in Canvas
  • Do not place content in the Child sections; it will not be visible after you cross-list the child with the Parent section.


Step 1 - Determine Which Section Will Be the Parent Section

Example: Instructor will be teaching Accounting 204, sections 001 and 002. Instructor will designate section 001 as the Parent section.

Step 2 - Cross-list Child Sections Into Parent Section

  1. Go to the child section that you wish to cross list into the parent section.
  2. Click the Settings link found at the bottom of the course navigation menu.

  3. Click on the Sections tab found along the top navigation bar.

  4. Click on the section listed under Course Sections.

  5. Click the Cross-List this Section button.

  6. In the Search for Course: box begin to type the current semester, for example, Fall 2019. Select the Parent course you designated in Step 1.
    • NOTE: Make sure to select the current semester’s section as the Parent.

  7. Verify the correct parent section appears and then click the Cross-List This Section button.

  8. Return to your Canvas Dashboard and If necessary, repeat steps 1-7 above for any other child courses you need to cross-list.

Step 3 - Verify Which Sections are Cross-Listed in a Parent Section

  1. Go to the Parent section.
  2. Click the Settings link found at the bottom of the course navigation menu.
  3. Click the Sections tab found along the top navigation menu.
    • you will now see which sections are cross-listed under the parent section

Step 4 - Change Your Course Name, if desired

  1. After verifying which sections are cross-listed, click on the Course Details tab.
  2. In the Name: field, enter your desired course name.
  3. Click the Update Course Details button at the bottom of the page.

Merging Multiple Sections

When merging multiple sections into a single parent course, it’s important to individually push each child section into the parent section, as is shown in the diagram below. If you try to daisy chain the sections, it can cause issues.



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