Approving a Request to Travel


Individuals traveling out-of-state or internationally are required by policy to have an approved Request to Travel in order to claim reimbursement for travel expenses or to have expenses paid on their behalf by the University. Approvers responsible for reviewing and approving travel are maintained in IRIS and automatically populated in Concur, the University’s travel platform. Approval or workflow stops are determined by the Trip Type (in-state, out-of-state or international). If a cash advance is included, the request processor is included and when cash advances exceed $3,000, the campus CBO will be automatically included.

Managing Request Approvals

Approvers may choose to actively monitor their Request queue within Concur. However, as a new request is submitted, Concur automatically issues a ‘pending approval’ notification to the approver. This message contains brief details about the request and serves as a prompt to review the submission. Additional reminder email notifications will be sent periodically to ensure requests are processed in a timely manner.

If the approver shares approval responsibilities with a substitute approver (approval delegate) or uses a reviewer (preview approver), this individual will also receive an automatic notification.

Request Pending Your Approval

Approvers can validate the use of substitute or preview approvers by reviewing their Request Delegate settings under Profile Settings. They can also ensure both roles receive email notifications by checking the Receives Approval Emails options selected for substitute and preview approvers, if appropriate. 

Request Delegates


Reviewing and Approving Request to Travel

Login to Concur at with your UT NetID credentials with DUO two-factor authentication. Click the Required Approvals area of the summary bar or the Approvals title in the main navigation to access active requests.  This will provide the options to review, return or approve requests to travel and procurement or travel card requests.

Cost Object Approver - Request Approvals

Select the Requests tab to view submissions ready for review and open a request by clicking the Request Name. Items with the green icon on the left indicate a request that has been reviewed by a preview approver. An automatic notification is also sent to the approver once a preview approver has completed their review.

Approvals - Requests and Expense Reports

After opening the request, review the Request Header, Segments and Expense Summary sections. To approve the request, click the red Approve button to complete the task and be automatically returned to the Request approval queue.  If the request needs to be returned to the user for follow-up, click the Send Back Request

Request 33HY - Expense Summary

If the request needs to be returned to the user for follow-up, click the Send Back Request button.  You will be prompted to enter Comments to explain to the traveler why the request is being returned. 

Send Back Request

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