Concur Connectivity via Popular Travel Apps

Concur, the University’s travel platform is equipped with many integrations to improve the traveler’s experience booking or managing travel.

One such integration is the with popular mobile apps, such as Uber. Travelers can create a connection between Uber and Concur to be able to request, ride, pay, and automatically expense rideshare services from their mobile phone. Travelers will need an Uber account to create the connection with Concur and the Uber app downloaded to a mobile device.

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Connecting to Concur Mobile

Login to Concur via with your UT NetID credentials and select the App Center from the navigation bar. From the Concur App Center, search for Uber, select the standard Uber option and click the Connect button to start the process of connecting your Concur profile. NOTE: Do not select the Uber for Business version.


Sending Receipts to Concur

When Concur and Uber are connected, the traveler will notice a Concur or Business log as a Payment Option when choosing Ride. When Concur or Business is selected, the Uber app will automatically send e-receipts to the traveler’s Concur profile. Traveler’s will still be able to select Personal for non-business Rides or disconnect from Concur via Payment Options for Business under the Expense Provider area.


Learn More

While this guide focuses on key features for travelers to take advantage of integrated functionality when claiming car mileage expenses, please visit to register for facilitated training or access Concur training materials. If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact


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