Claiming Meals and Lodging Per Diems

Per diem is claimed and adjusted through the Travel Allowance (Itinerary) function in the Concur Expense module.   

Once the trip itinerary is created, the traveler will have the option to review it for accuracy.  The traveler will then click the blue ‘Next’ button at the bottom right of the screen. 

Example A:

Joe Smith went to Louisville, KY for the dates of the 26th, 27th and 28th.  Breakfast was provided each day, and lunch was also provided on the 27th.  To deduct those meals from the per diem expenses, simply click the checkbox next to each one. 

Example B:

Using the same scenario in Example A – our traveler has decided that the meals deducted on the 26th and 28th are correct – but ALL meals should be deducted on the 27th.  To deduct all meals for a single day, go to the row for that day and to the left of the date, click the check box in the ‘EXCLUDE’ column.

Please note the amount under the ‘ALLOWANCE’ column on the far right has now changed to $0.00 for the date of the 27th.  By checking the box under the ‘EXCLUDE’ column – the traveler has deducted all meal AND incidentals allowances for that portion of the traveler’s itinerary.

If the traveler wishes to deduct all meals for the duration of the trip – simply check the ‘All’ box next to the EXCLUDE column OR click the ‘Cancel’ button at the far bottom right of the screen next to the blue ‘Create Expenses’ button.

If the traveler wishes to claim the entire allowable amount, simply click the blue ‘Create Expenses’ button as soon as Concur opens the ‘Expenses & Adjustments’ screen.

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