I'm an instructor and I scheduled my LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) sessions via the Canvas/Zoom integration. My students have access to the Cloud Recording as soon as it posts, but what if I don't want that? Is there another option?

If a session is scheduled via the Canvas/Zoom integration and recorded to the Zoom Cloud, some of the features associated with this process include,

  • Students have access to the cloud recording as soon as it posts.
  • Students also receive a notification as soon as the recording posts in the course site.

These features are automatic as part of the integration, and cannot be changed. If you'd rather have time to edit the cloud recording, or, post the recording at later date, do not engage the Canvas/Zoom integration.

  • Instead, schedule the session via our site at tennessee.zoom us or via the Zoom desktop application, and then paste the meeting and/or recording link into the Online@UT (Canvas) course site at your convenience. Or, upload the recording to Canvas Studio and share it from that service. Panopto is another storage and streaming service that is available in an Online@UT (Canvas) course.





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