Email: Switch Between Gmail and Microsoft Outlook as Your Email Provider


Faculty and Staff have the option to choose Gmail or Microsoft Outlook for email and calendaring however, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before switching. The table below highlights some important features and limitations of each service along with potential risks so you can make an informed decision on which service is best for you.

Update your email preferences to have your UT email delivered to your UT Gmail account. On this website, you may also switch from Gmail to Outlook. 



Microsoft 365

  • I want....
    • To use the Gmail interface for my UT email, calendaring, and contacts
    • To use Gmail mail tags instead of folders
  • I don't mind....
    • Not being able to sync my calendar with a Microsoft 365 account1
    • Logging into Microsoft 365 to access my shared mailboxes and/or my departmental accounts.
    • Starting with a new, blank email account (recommended)
      *Mail, Contacts, and Calendar items do not migrate automatically.
    • Not having an option to send encrypted messages
    • Not being able to share my calendar with someone using Microsoft 3651
    • Not being able to send mail to other institutions easily
  • I want...
    • Easily open shared mailboxes and departmental accounts
    • The ability to easily share my calendar with others
    • To have my mail connected to other Microsoft 365 services such as OneDrive for easy file sharing
    • To ensure my emails are received at other institutions easily
    • Send encrypted, secure messages directly from my email account
  • I don't mind....
    • Using the Microsoft 365 mail interface instead of Gmail
    • Using folders to organize my mail instead of tags

Choose Gmail

Keep Microsoft 365

1 Two-way sync between Outlook and Google is not supported by either Microsoft or Google. A Google calendar cannot show Outlook updates. Additionally, two-way sync presents a risk as it may result in mass events duplication, repeating rules, and other errors. It is strongly recommended to use them separately.

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