How do I approve travel and procurement card requests submitted through Concur?

The authorized approver role of Campus Card Coordinator is managed through IRIS and can be updated by a budget entity in IRIS and automatically populated in Concur. This role is the final approval stop before the System Card Administrator’s review for new travel and procurement cards requested through Concur Request. Individuals in this role are no longer responsible for obtaining a signed cardholder agreement or verifying the successful completion of the questionnaire. This function is now managed through the K@TE learning management system with oversight from the System Card Administrator. However, these individuals are responsible for reviewing and returning or approving requests.

workflow diagram of new card request

Campus Card Coordinators may choose to actively monitor their Request queue within Concur. However, as a new card request is approved by the cost object approver, Concur automatically issues a ‘pending approval’ notification to the Campus Card Coordinator. This message contains brief details about the request and serves as a prompt to review the submission.

Individuals will also receive a daily report from the Concur reporting tool summarizing all submissions, including the card type, approval status, and budget entity.

If the Campus Card Coordinator shares approval responsibilities with a substitute approver (delegate) or uses a reviewer (preview approver), this individual may also receive an automatic notification. This function should be validated by the Campus Card Coordinator by reviewing Request Delegate under Profile Settings to ensure both the Receives Emails and Receives Approval Emails options are selected.

Screen capture of approval delegate settings


Reviewing and Approving Procurement and Travel Card Requests
Login to Concur, the University’s travel system to review, return or approve procurement or travel card requests at with your UT NetID credentials with DUO two-factor authentication. Click the Required Approvals area of the summary bar or the Approvals title in the main navigation to access active requests.

Screen capture of concur landing page navigation

Select the Request tab, to view submissions ready for review and open a request by clicking the Request Name. Items including the green icon indicate a request that has been reviewed by a preview approver. An automatic notification is also sent to the approver once a preview approver has completed their review.

Screen capture of approval listing

After opening the request, then review the Request Header and Expense Summary sections, click the red Approve button to complete the task, and return to the approval queue.

Screen capture of card request submission to approve

If you have questions, contact the Travel and Procurement Card Program office at 865-974-3086 or, or the UT Travel support team at

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