Turning Point Canvas Module - Instructor Setup

Setting up the Turning Technologies Account Registration Module in Canvas

To use TurningPoint with Canvas, you must add a Turning Technologies Account Registration module to your course navigation pane. This will allow students to register their clicker device and/or mobile device to receive points for classroom polling.  Follow these steps to setup the module.

  1. Log in to Canvas (http://online.utk.edu).
  2. Enter your course site.
  3. Click Modules from the left menu.
  4. Select the +Module button to Add a New Module.
  5. Enter Turning Technology Account Registration in the Name field.
    1. Leave Lock until unchecked.
    2. Click Add Module.
  6. Within the new module for Turning Technology Account Registration, select + sign to Add Item to module.
    1. Click the drop-down module to the right of Add and select External Tool.
    2. Using the interior scroll bar, select Turning Technology Account Registration from the list
    3. Click Add Item.
  7. Publish the module. You will then see a white checkmark on a green circle background.

NOTE: You will need to add the Turning Technologies Account Registration Module to every course you would like to use with clickers.


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Fri 3/19/21 11:03 AM
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