How do Business Managers reconcile travel expenses from Concur to IRIS?

Concur is the University’s authoritative source of travel data, however, IRIS still remains the University’s financial posting platform.  Once an expense report has been fully approved in Concur, it is posted into IRIS via a nightly job.

The expense report transactions may include a Cash Advance, UT Travel Card transactions, and/or Out of Pocket Expenses.  The net result of the posting can be:

  • The university owes the employee
  • The employee owes the university
  • The net result of zero (neither the university owes the employee nor the employee owes the university)

The expense report will post with a document type of YT and document numbers will be in a 700xxxxxxx range.  Each FI posted document will have attachments that include a detailed Expense Report PDF as well as an attachment for each receipt that is imported with the expense report.

The IRIS FI posted document can be tied back to the Concur Expense Report via the Report Key which is populated in Reference field and/or the Report ID which is populated in Ref.key(head)1 field.  These fields are visible in the FI Document Header.

If the net result is the university owes the employee, the expense report will be processed and paid in the Accounts Payable Payment run.

If the net result is the employee owes the university, two emails will be generated.  One email will be sent to the employee to notify them that the amount owed the university will be deducted from the next payroll run depending on the timing of the current payroll processing schedule.  The second email will be sent to the Payroll Department notifying them of the employee and amount of payroll deduction that needs to be set up. 

If the net result is zero (neither the university owes the employee nor the employee owes the university), the posted document will consist of the expenses that will post and be visible on the ledger.

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