How do we handle adjustments to Conus/per diems?

Deductions to per diem are managed in Expense through the Travel Allowance.   Once the Expense Report is created, the traveler/delegate can click on the Travel Allowance Dropdown menu and choose 'Manage Travel Allowance.'  The traveler/delegate will then be taken to the Trip Itinerary section and the Itinerary will need to be created. After creating the Trip Itinerary, the traveler can choose the 'Expenses & Adjustments' link at the top of the page or simply click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page.  Concur will take the user to the 'Expenses & Adjustments' portion of the Travel Allowance and travelers/delegates can choose which meals need to be deducted.   If the trip budget does not allow for the full CONUS/OCONUS rate - the traveler/delegate can elect to create the itinerary and leave all meals as-is.  They can then choose to add a 'Negative Adjustment' to the trip and deduct the necessary amount to bring the trip under budget.


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Wed 2/10/21 11:35 PM