What Unicheck originality percentage range is represented by the colored flag icons in my Online@UT (Canvas) gradebook?

The colored flag icons you see in your Canvas Grade book indicate a Unicheck originality report has been generated against the student's submission. To identify the actual percentage, you can click the colored flag icon.

Unicheck Report uses different colors to display the similarity score indicator (each color is attributed to one particular similarity score range): 

0% (a valid result) -- Blue icon, for submissions with 0% similarity found, and all citations and references properly formatted

1-24% -- Green icon, for submissions with small or insubstantial similarity detected

25-49% -- Yellow icon, for submissions with medium level of similarity

50-74% -- Orange icon, for submissions with medium to large level of similarity

75-100% -- Red icon, for submissions with a large percentage level of similarity


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