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Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for your courses. However, you can change the default settings by setting your own notification preferences. Please review the How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student? Canvas support guide on how to customize the notifications or alerts you receive.

By clicking on the Account link in the upper-left corner of the Online@UT (Canvas) interface, users can:

  • Adjust Notification preferences
    • Notifications are sent to your email alias as specified in your account, and you will be able to access them in your main UT inbox. 
    • Notification Preferences allows you to select how and when you want to be notified when various events occur within your course, such as a change in a due date, an updated assignment, or a message sent from within Canvas. These preferences only apply to you across all of your Canvas course sites; they are not used to control how course updates are sent to other users. To learn more about each notification, default settings, and notification triggers, view the Canvas Notifications PDF.
    • Canvas supports notifications through email, push notifications, and Twitter. Canvas Notifications are sent as one of four delivery types: notify me right away, daily summary, weekly summary, or don't send.
    • Notification settings apply to all of your courses unless you set notification settings for individual courses.
    • For more information, please visit our Canvas Notifications Settings for Students support page. 
  • Enter biographical information into your Profile
    • Profiles give users the ability to add information about themselves (e.g., bio, website, etc.) that will be visible to the people (students and other instructors) in their Courses. INSTRUCTORS - Because students in your courses will be able to see anything you post on your profile page, please be cautious about the personal information you share on your profile.
  • Adjust your Settings
    • Set your time zone, choose to share personal pronouns, and link your accounts from Twitter and Delicious to your Online@UT (Canvas) account.
  • Upload your own personal Files
  • View Folio, the ePortfolio platform
  • View course Badges earned
  • View past system announcements


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