Travel Card: Apply for a New Card

The University’s Travel Card Program was established to provide an option to reduce the out-of-pocket burden for employees, guests, and students who travel on behalf of the university. The two-part process starts with the card request submitted through the University’s travel platform, Concur, at, and completes with completion of the mandatory training delivered via the K@TE Learning Management System, Additional information about the Travel Card Program is available from the University policy FI0531 – Travel Cards and Concur Introduction to Travel Cards session (recording). Information regarding the Procurement Card Program is available from UT Accounts Payable.

Part 1. Requesting a New Card
Login to Concur to request a new travel card at with your UT NetID credentials with DUO two-factor authentication. Click the + New area of the summary bar or the Requests title in the main navigation to start a new request. Please note, a delegate may initiate the card request, however, the prospective cardholder must submit the request.

Screen capture of Concur landing page indicating Start a Request.

By default, the request to travel form is loaded for all new requests. From the Request Header, change the Request Type to UT Card Request. The prospective cardholder should enter their full name and verify or modify the pre-populated account information. Click the Save button to proceed.

Concur screen capture of new card request form to onboard prospective cardholder information.

Under the Expenses tab, select the Request a New Card expense type. Select the appropriate card type under Type of Card based on the monthly credit limit needs, Individual $5,000 or Group $15,000. Complete the form with the prospective cardholder’s work address and click save. Click the red Submit Request button to complete the card request process.

NOTE: Select PCard from the Type of Card drop-down menu to request a new procurement card.

Screen capture of Concur new card request screen to select card type and onboard contact information.

Approval Workflow
The submitted new card request will automatically route to the Cost Object Approver, Campus Card Coordinator and System Card Administrator. The prospective cardholder can track the approval process on the Approval Flow tab of the submitted request. Once the System Card Administrator approves the Concur new card request, the prospective cardholder will receive email notification of the approval and information for completing the required compliance training in the K@TE learning management system.

Diagram of new card and credit increase/decrease request workflow.

Part 2. Completing Required Training
Travel card compliance training, including the required questionnaire, is delivered via the K@TE Learning Management System, Prospective cardholders may search for the Travel Card Training and Questionnaire curriculum in K@TE or via the direct link provided in the Concur approval notification. Additional information for completing the training is available in the Travel Card Job Aid available in K@TE.

Receiving a Travel Card
After receiving an approved card request via Concur and the successful completion of the K@TE-based training, including the questionnaire, the System Card Administrator will request the card from Bank of America. New cards will be distributed to the Campus Card Coordinator who will communicate directly with the new cardholder to arrange delivery. Most cardholders will receive their new cards in 10-14 business days.

Existing cardholders requesting an increase or a decrease to a travel card will be notified by the System Card Administrator when the increase/decrease is effective.

Once received, the cardholder should activate their card following the instructions provided with the card. The default verification ID for a new travel card is 9 + the 6-digit employee ID number (9123456). The cardholder MUST set a PIN during activation or request one by contacting Bank of America via the number on the card. The PIN can be checked or reset by calling 1-888-233-8855 or by logging in to Global Card Access.

If you have questions regarding the Travel Card Program, contact 865-974-2302 or If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact

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