How do I add, or embed, an image to my discussion board post in Online@UT (Canvas)?

You can embed an image file directly into discussion replies using the image icon. Images can be embedded from the web, your Canvas user files, or Flickr. Before you can embed an image from Canvas, the image must first be uploaded to your user files.

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.
  2. Click the discussion title.
  3. Create a new discussion entry by clicking the Reply text field.
  4. Click the Image icon as seen below.

  5. Locate the image you want to embed. To embed an image from the web, click the URL button [1]. To embed an image from your Canvas files, click the Canvas button [2]. To embed an image from Flickr, click the Flickr button [3].

  6. When you have located the image, click the Update button.

  7. Click the Post Reply button.

  8. View your post.


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