Clicker Technology for Faculty - FAQ


Clicker Technology at the University of Tennessee is provided through the Turning Technologies TurningPoint software. TurningPoint is the campus-supported personal response system for classroom interactive questions. TurningPoint is a hybrid polling option (allow the use of both physical clickers and mobile response options) that provides secure management of courses, rosters, and assessment data while integrating with Canvas.

All students have a TurningPoint license provided through TechFee. This enables students to use their mobile devices to respond to questions at no additional cost.

Facutly can register for a Self-Paced TurningPoint Training course on Canvas.


Do I need a TurningPoint Account?

All UTK faculty using TurningPoint must create a Turning Account. The account allows faculty to access the TurningPoint Instructor site and download the TurningPoint software to engage their students via classroom polling with physical clicker devices or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

Faculty will use there UTK email ( to create their account and the UT NetID & Password for login. The account allows faculty to manage which courses they will use TurningPoint in via the instructor account page.

Do I need a license to create or use TurningPoint?

Faculty do NOT need a subscription to create a Turning Account. They must register as an Instructor when creating their Turning Account.

How do I create a TurningPoint Account?

Faculty create the TurningPoint Account by logging into their Canvas course via, creating a Turning Technologies Account Registration module, and selecting that module. They will be directed to the Turning Technologies Account Registration page. They may also log in directly via the Turning Account Registration page. Faculty can follow a Self-Paced Clicker Training course in Canvas.

Can I use the TurningPoint Account license on Canvas?

The Turning Account subscription is valid for the Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Why can't my students register their Clickers for my class?

Students will need to register their clickers through the Turning Technologies Account Registration module in Canvas. Faculty can verify clicker device registration and account creation via the Turning Technologies Instructor account page.  Faculty can contact the HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 to have a ticket assigned to the clicker specialists. 

How do I download the TurningPoint Software?

Faculty can download the TurningPoint software from within their Turning Account

  • Sign in with your UT NetID and Password.
  • Select Downloads.
  • Complete the software request form.
  • Select the TurningPoint download option for either Mac or PC.

Do faculty need a new receiver if they used TurningPoint 5 in the past?

If faculty have an older TurningPoint 5 receiver, they can submit a HelpDesk ticket to request a TurningPoint receiver. Faculty may also update their TurningPoint 5 receiver by following the steps below.

NOTE: Faculty must complete all TurningPoint 5 activities before updating. The receiver will not work with TurningPoint 5 once updated.

  • Insert the receiver into a USB port.
  • Launch TurningPoint.
  • Sign in with the Turning Account credentials.
  • A pop-up will be displayed to update the receiver; select Update.

My Canvas course is not showing on the Turning Technologies Instructor page.

If your Canvas course is not showing on your Instructor Page (, your course may not be published in Canvas. Courses must be published before it will show.

I have students who say they have a fully registered account, but they don't show on my roster.

Your course roster may be out of date. You can force an update to your roster by doing the following:

  1. Update the course on the page.
    1. Select your course.
    2. Select Update course.
  2. Update the course in the desktop app
    1. Go to the Manage tab
    2. Select your course
    3. Select update


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