Can I use Flipgrid in my Online@UT (Canvas) course sites?

Yes, you can use Flipgrid in your Online@UT (Canvas) course sites. We ask that you do the following to help us get you up and running:

  1. If you haven't done so, create a Flipgrid account.
    1. Navigate to Flipgrid signup.
    2. Sign up with Microsoft Account
      • Use your UTK Email and password.
  2. Login to your Flipgrid account integrations
    1. Navigate to Flipgrid integrations.
    2. If not logged in, log in with Microsoft account (UTK email + Password)
  3. Add New Integration button and name your integration.
    • Each integration will be for a specific course, so name it accordingly. (e.g. English 101, Spring 2020).

  4. Copy your Flipgrid Consumer Key & Shared Secret into a document or note.

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for other current courses requiring Flipgrid integration (if any).
  6. Submit an OIT HelpDesk ticket at
    • Suggested Text: I would like to request a Flipgrid integration into my Canvas course: [Course Name, Term]. My Flipgrid consumer key is [Consumer key] and shared secret is [Shared Secret].
      [Repeat the above sentences for each course requiring a Flipgrid integration]
      Thank you!

We will get the integration set up and let you know when it's ready. Visit using Flipgrid in Canvas for more information.


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