Registering Clickers & Mobile Devices for Students

What Clicker do I need?

Have one of the physical clickers pictured below (left to right: QT or QT2) or if allowed by your instructor your mobile device. You may purchase a QT2 device (far right) from The VOLSHOP. You do not need to purchase a license/subscription, these are covered by TechFee. 

Create a Turning Technologies Account

You must create a link from your Canvas Account to Turning Technologies.  When you link your account in a single Canvas course, you will be linked to all of your Canvas courses.

  1. Log in to Canvas and Select a course in which you will be using clickers. 
  2. Select Modules from the Canvas course navigation pane
  3. Select Turning Technologies Account Registration.
    • If a page to create your account does not appear, check your browser for blocked pop-ups.
      • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers.
        Chrome will have a pop-up blocked notification in the address bar. Firefox and Edge allow the pop-up to open. Safari will not show any error. 
  4. Enter your UTK email address
  5. Select Create an account if you haven’t created one before, otherwise select Sign In.
    1. Check your UTK email for a new message from Turning Technologies.
    2. Confirm your email address.
    3. Complete the required information within the Account Information form.
      1. Role is Student.
      2. Market is Higher Education.
  6. In the Subscriptions section, you will have a subscription auto-applied.   
  7. If you are using a physical clicker, in the Response Device section, enter the 6 digit Clicker Device ID printed on the back of your device. NOTE: The letters are A – F and the numbers are 0 (zero) – 9. 9. Select Add. If you are only using a mobile device, your Mobile ID will automatically be generated. You can skip this step.
  8. Under the Learning Management System section, you should see a green checkmark under Canvas.

Verify your Turning Account Registration

Your account is ready to go if you have a checkmark next to Subscription (automatically applied upon account creation), Learning Management System, and UTK NetID. If you have a Yellow Exclamation mark next to Response Device (pictured below), it means that you do not have a physical clicker setup on your account. If your instructor allows you to use a mobile device, than your account is setup correctly.


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